The window is an Object!

I am sure everyone knows that—mostly, but for people who just started learning JS—especially when getting introduced to concepts regarding scope, and how the this keyword works, I think if we explicity showed the Window is just an Object right from the start, it would help getting the aforementioned concepts.

So here goes! Open up your text editor or better yet let's crack open your developer tools from your favorite browser; I use chrome, but use whatever you want. Anyway, if you do command + option + j(in chrome on a mac, probably ctrl + alt + j on a pc ) you'll get right to the javascript console. Basically below is what I actually entered in the developer tools,

//object declared in global scope

var starship = {


    name        :   "enterprise",
    registry    :   "1701",
    sovereignty :   "federation",


    hail : function(){

        console.log('This is the starship ' + + '
        of the United ' + this.sovereignty + ' of planets..');



//function declaration in global scope

function omniPresentCommunication(){

    console.log('This sector is full of worm-holes, starships beware!');


window.hasOwnProperty('starship'), window.hasOwnProperty('omniPresentCommunication');
true //returns true

What is the most interesting aspect of what we entered was, when we called the hasOwnProperty* method on the window object, first using the starship object and then the omniPresentCommunication function. We get true back. That is because since those entities were declared in the global scope, we have just essentially added them as properties and methods to the big ole global object! Not only that, but if we passed the window object to console.dir(window), like so, you'll will find them there, with a ton of other properties and methods.

To me, that makes understanding the this keyword, scope and the call and apply methods much easier to understand...That'll be next!

*The hasOwnProperty() method returns a boolean indicating whether the object has the specified property.

Antonio Pavicevac-Ortiz

My journey began as an aspiring Illustrator but soon was reforged into a career as a Graphic Designer with the web playing a supporting role. However during the for the past 6+ years, I have moved into the web development industry full-time! My area of concentration is JavaScript—specifically using ReactJS/NextJS; And Redux, and MongoDB to create websites and apps to create something dynamic and fun!