The window is an Object (part 1.5*)!

Sorry I didn't get to the second* part of this post sooner. That was actually fortuitious in a way, because I found some great resources I'd like to share which I believe will help get my point across!

A few weeks after I wrote the previous post, I decided to check out pluralsight. You see—and I may have mentioned this in another post, but I am learning Web Development in perhaps, not the most straightforward sort of way.

I have a wife (Barbara), dog (Charly) and mortgage payments (the man) I have to make. So I can't really just quit my full-time job and do a boot-camp**. Essentially my method of learning has been via blogposts, podcasts and my favorite...videos!

BTW, speaking of vidoes, Pluralsight has a course called 'Advanced JavaScript' by Kyle Simpson***. If you gobbled up codecademy, code school and courses and want to get deeper into JS, I'd check it out.

And in a nut shell, after thinking about it for a while, I think this best describes where I am coming from...

There comes a time after you have gotten your feet wet in those aforementioned interactive environments, and have some of the basics down in your respective language. So I believe any further learning should be with your resource e.g. book, youtube video, code-site etc. and essentiallly your real tools e.g. text editor, command-line, browser etc. Now, I finally appreciate what a lot of authors suggest—TYPE THINGS OUT!

I feel I am so lucky because in JS all you need to do is pop open the console and essentially you can have an environment with little effort!

* Actually like the title says, this is episode 1.5, much like [George Lucas]( I have decided to alter the normal temporal mechanics of things and squeeze in another post
** Just to be clear, Bootcamps are awesome and if they fit your life dynamics—go for it! :)
** Kyle also has a terrific series of books called ['You don't know JS'](

Antonio Pavicevac-Ortiz

My journey began as an aspiring Illustrator but soon was reforged into a career as a Graphic Designer with the web playing a supporting role. However during the for the past 6+ years, I have moved into the web development industry full-time! My area of concentration is JavaScript—specifically using ReactJS/NextJS; And Redux, and MongoDB to create websites and apps to create something dynamic and fun!