One Month Rails!

The most obvious, or maybe the most generic question asked after finishing the OMR course, is probably:

"Do you feel you are a Rails Developer now?" "D'oy, of course not. (I had to answer it)..."

O.K. maybe nobody is going to ask that, but it might be some variant of it. Do you think you could apply what you learned to build another project? Hmmm.

For me, it turns out, one of the best practices "Mattan Griffel" suggested (he is the instructor/guide through the course, and one of the founders of One Month) I had been doing already! In my case that was utilizing *Stack Overflow. Which was a teriffic confidence booster. Because lets face it. If you're a total newb, (especically if you're learning alone... i.e. sans a boot-camp etc.) and trying to get setups to work, tools to spit out the right info etc., What you want is a sign, ANY sign, you're doing something right. Probably a more obvious benefit I think we can all agree upon is you'll have SOMETHING you built from scratch at the end of the exercise. Which is probably sitting on GitHub and being hosted by Heroku. Being proficient in a language will only come from getting in the code and knowing why things are happening and responding in said language in a elegent and succint manner. The later, takes time, but former could be compared to carrying a pocket dictionary if you're learning a spoken language for quick reference. (Actually there is a cool app called Dash which is like a docset dictionary)

*For the uninitiated, that's a website where you can ask a question based upon your problem in your project or regarding something you're not quite getting in a particular programming language, framework etc.

Antonio Pavicevac-Ortiz

My journey began as an aspiring Illustrator but soon was reforged into a career as a Graphic Designer with the web playing a supporting role. However during the for the past 6+ years, I have moved into the web development industry full-time! My area of concentration is JavaScript—specifically using ReactJS/NextJS; And Redux, and MongoDB to create websites and apps to create something dynamic and fun!