This post is partly about wanting to shout on the top of a mountain, (ala Ron Burgandy) that my wife Barbara and I welcomed our daughter Aria Marie Pavicevac-Ortiz, on Tuesday August 16th at 2:31PM in the year 2016, to the world!!!

As you can see from the date of this post and from the date of my previous post, I have been busy! Fear not friends, I have been steadliy learning what I can–when I can!

Lately my studies bring me to a course on PluralSight Building Web Applications with Node.js and Express 4.0 by Jonathan Mills. He really goes into the tooling of your project (using bower and npm and gulp for task-running), templating your views, integrating a database and utilizing a service. All the while getting you cozy with Express.js and Node.js. If you remember, from my previous posts I have been adamant about sticking with "Vanilla JS" and staying clear of frameworks and the like. I am happy to report my friends, I think I've finally graduated to one...Express.js.

Why the change of heart? After working with Express.js for a bit, I think what I like about it is its core methods remind me of the fundamental interaction of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol . And—working with Node.js makes me feel I am learning JavaScript all over again but with a emphasis on Asynchronicity*.

Speaking of podcasts, I ran into one of which is apropos of the news I disclosed earlier. Linda Liukas a Finnish computer programmer, was on the HanselMinutes podcast discussing her children's book Hello Ruby. To give you some background, in 2014 Linda raised $380,000 on Kickstarter becoming the platform's most highly funded children's book. The story and Linda's exuberance is so inspiring and Scott does a terrific job (as usual) of asking questions which seem to make the guests shine. Since having Aria, I regularly daydream about what she'll be interested in, and what will her passions be? And what kind of future she'll be a part of? Forgive me if I am making this sound epic—but I really think this book is giving us a glimpse of the sensibilites of this future age. I promptly put it on my todo to purchase ;) I love you Aria!!

*Kyle Simpson one of my favorite speakers on JavaScript gives a lot to chew on about the subject on the Software Engineering Daily podcast .

Antonio Pavicevac-Ortiz

My journey began as an aspiring Illustrator but soon was reforged into a career as a Graphic Designer with the web playing a supporting role. However during the for the past 6+ years, I have moved into the web development industry full-time! My area of concentration is JavaScript—specifically using ReactJS/NextJS; And Redux, and MongoDB to create websites and apps to create something dynamic and fun!